Atlantic Club HEAT Coffee Cups

Things are getting “hotter” over at my website. This will be the 4th update in the last few weeks. Coffee cups are probably the most unique medium out of the designs I’ve accomplished in the last several months. With there being a larger jump from the screen to the actual product, the imagining of the project was a bit more difficult, but more rewarding to actually see the 3-dimensional advertisement in your hands.

This project stems from my freelance work that I provide for Ads2Go Advertising, which specializes in coffee cup advertisements. Essentially, a business buys ad space on a cup, Ads2Go designs and manufactures the cups to be distributed in established networks of bagel shops, delis, coffee bars, etc.

The cup is for HEAT, which is a boot-camp-like class that the Atlantic Club in Red Bank, NJ offers to its members. Extra-hard core like an iron-man competition, HEAT needed a mystique and edge to it that made it seem more like a trendy night club than an exercise class.

Heat Advertising Cup

With a name like heat and the hot liquid coffee/tea inside the cup, you really can’t go wrong with putting flames at the bottom of the cup. Try suing over hot coffee now! These cups are circulated in bagel shops and delis local to the Red Bank area.

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