Oddo Ink FREE Facebook Drawing

Facebook FREE Drawing for being a FanAlong with the relaunch of the blog on the oddoink.com/weblog/ area, I would like to introduce the FREE Facebook Drawing (“literally”) that will be held on a monthly basis for the fans of Oddo Ink. The Drawing is simple : Become a fan of Oddo Ink by “liking” the Oddo Ink page on Facebook. Once a month, a random fan of ours will be selected to receive the drawing. What is the drawing of, you say? It’s a drawing for a drawing – a 4″ x 6″ illustration of anything the winner prefers.

That’s right! I’ll draw anything you can think of – actor, historic landmark, sports car, cartoon character or even your Facebook profile pic. Of course, the request has to be within reason and I have the right to refuse any subject matter that would be deemed offensive or distasteful. Once the drawing is completed, the winner is e-mailed a scan of the drawing for them to use as they please.* If the winner likes the drawing so much that they would want to purchase the original for themselves, it will be offered for $25, including domestic postage. Just to be clear, the scanned .jpg image that will be sent to the winner is 100% free, no strings attached and the purchase of the original is completely optional.

So that everyone has a fair chance of winning, the previous winners will be ineligible to win again for another 6 months. *Recipients of the drawings shall not use the illustrations for commercial use or resell for monetary gain. All copyrights are still reserved by Tom Oddo & Oddo Ink.

I hate legal stuff as much as you do. But it’s necessary. Now, go forth and “fan,” “like” or love Oddo Ink on Facebook and sign up for the drawing!

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