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Sept. 27th, 2011
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Multiple Income Streams and Independent Wealth Trump Frugality

The current American recession is forcing most consumers to carefully guard their wallets and pinch pennies. Workers are fearful of losing their jobs and the money derived from employment, since it usually is their sole source of income. Articles on how to be more frugal are a dime a dozen, but many don’t realize that limiting expenses is only one-half of the equation to thriving in the recession. There needs to be more opportunity for income.

Easier said than done, right? Many employees in the private sector have endured salary cuts, benefit cuts and languishing investment portfolios. Where is the opportunity for income? It has become evident that Americans can no longer rely on the security of steady, long-term employment and pensions. The key to independent wealth is good, old-fashioned American entrepreneurship.

Aside from the fact that getting a hefty business loan is nearly impossible these days, starting a business does not need to be a costly venture when there are tools and resources that are readily available to market a product and/or service effectively to a large audience. Utilizing those tools effectively in creating a business identity is absolutely critical. Oddo Ink, Inc, a graphic and web design agency based in Monmouth County, New Jersey provides print and web marketing solutions for start-up companies and small businesses to enable entrepreneurs to reach their intended audience.

Oddo Ink’s President, Tom Oddo, firmly believes in fostering the American entrepreneurship that led the pioneers across the country and made America the superpower that it is today. “At some point, we lost that itch,” Oddo says, “But, it takes hard times to really show the mettle of our country. We’re going to dig ourselves out of this hole by innovating with a can-do attitude.” He took his own advice and incorporated his freelance business, building a website to show his work to prospective clients and offer several, low-cost “Marketing Packages” that involve building websites or e-mail marketing campaigns. The business helps bring in additional revenue, while helping other budding entrepreneurs do exactly the same.

With the proper marketing materials like flyers, business cards, website, and e-mail newsletters etc., even an individual business owner can approach their target market with the confidence and professionalism of a full-fledged corporation. Leveraging the internet as an informational and social tool, reaching out to potential customers has never been easier, or more cost effective. There are many freeware software products available that automate billing, order processing and payment processing, freeing time for the entrepreneur to build their business and do what is most important – make money.

And generating positive net income is ultimately the most important characteristic of a successful business. The additional income generated from a business venture may not be grandiose at first, but it may prove to be one of the most long-lasting investments that can ever be made. Besides, the potential return on starting a business is probably going to be a lot higher than the half-of-a-percent interest rate savings account.

Oddo Ink, Inc (www.oddoink.com) is a print and web design agency that serves small businesses and entrepreneurs with high-quality, budget-conscious advertising and marketing solutions.


For additional information, or if you would like to schedule an interview, please contact Tom Oddo by e-mail at info@oddoink.com

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