Business Cards for Thirty-One Consultant

My wife recently got into being a Thirty-One sales consultant. It’s basically like an Avon or Tupperware party salesperson, but for bags and other organizing nick-knacks. The back-office for Thirty-One does do a good job of getting you started with your initial starter kit of bags, catalogs, order forms and other sales materials, but what better way to really make a statement that you are officially a Thirty-One consultant than by getting business cards made!

Yes, they do have business cards you could order from the company’s back-office, but where is the fun in that. Imagine running into another sales consultant, or a potential client, handing them your business card just to see the look of disappointment as it was the same canned template design that they had picked out. Since it actually came out cheaper to get the cards made custom, I took on the responsibility of designing my wife’s business card. Here is the result :

thirty-one customized business card templateTwo lines were whited out to preserve privacy.

Whether you are a consultant for a gift merchandise company or you offer your own freelance services, having a business card is still a standard that comes across as professional and reliable. Having a well-designed and snazzy business card will get you business. Everyone should have a side business or passion that would require them to need a business calling card. What’s yours?

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