Business Cards for Thirty-One Consultant

My wife recently got into being a Thirty-One sales consultant. It’s basically like an Avon or Tupperware party salesperson, but for bags and other organizing nick-knacks. The back-office for Thirty-One does do a good job of getting you started with your initial starter kit of bags, catalogs, order forms and other sales materials, but what better way to really make a statement that you are officially a Thirty-One consultant than by getting business cards made!

Yes, they do have business cards you could order from the company’s back-office, but where is the fun in that. Imagine running into another sales consultant, or a potential client, handing them your business card just to see the look of disappointment as it was the same canned template design that they had picked out. Since it actually came out cheaper to get the cards made custom, I took on the responsibility of designing my wife’s business card. Here is the result :

thirty-one customized business card templateTwo lines were whited out to preserve privacy.

Whether you are a consultant for a gift merchandise company or you offer your own freelance services, having a business card is still a standard that comes across as professional and reliable. Having a well-designed and snazzy business card will get you business. Everyone should have a side business or passion that would require them to need a business calling card. What’s yours?

Flipping a Lid

Here are a couple of Ad-Lids I designed recently. Photos are courtesy of Brad Jones of Ads2Go Advertising, LLC. If you live in Monmouth and Ocean county, you may see some of these hand-held, mobile billboards being sipped out of at bagel shops, train stations and the like. These are fun to design, almost like mini-projects since they are a bit quicker than most ads. Only so much basic information goes into the design, as you are only working with about 2.25″ diameter of “safe” area. Although the potential prospect would have their nose pressed up against the ad, the proper sizing of the text is still key to make it readable from a reasonable distance.

Doctor Lid DeisgnRyser's Landscaping Lid Design

4 Page Refresh Flier

What better way to dress up a year-old catalog than to throw a 4 page wrap over it that features new products and uses more timely language. In some cases, I have noticed that Levenger takes the bulk of their catalog and passes it off as a “new” issue by doing a new 8 page wrap with new products, keeping the same “core” pages. That is the similar approach I took to building Goldspot’s refresh flier, an 8.5″ x 11″ half-fold flier included in shipments with Ye Ole Catalog. Continue reading

Atlantic Club HEAT Coffee Cups

Things are getting “hotter” over at my website. This will be the 4th update in the last few weeks. Coffee cups are probably the most unique medium out of the designs I’ve accomplished in the last several months. With there being a larger jump from the screen to the actual product, the imagining of the project was a bit more difficult, but more rewarding to actually see the 3-dimensional advertisement in your hands. Continue reading

Exclusive Pen Packaging Design

Just got some pens into the office the other day. Not just any other pens, mind you. These are the first-ever exclusive, special edition finish that we ordered from Monteverde, a manufacturer based in California. We took their best-selling model pen and made a completely new finish that is exclusively sold to us. Means that no other retailer can compete with us for this style. What makes this pen series extra-special was that the outer sleeve of the box was designed by yours truly. Continue reading

Advertisement in Pen World

Recently put together this ad for Pen World magazine. It may show up gigantic on the screen due to the high resolution, but this ad isn’t more than 4″ x 2″ on the page. The company is finally getting the name out there alongside some of the standard names in the fine writing world. Yes, and you can use that promo code on the site and it will work. Check it out!

Goldspot Pen World Print Advertisement

Baby on the Way

As all of my family, my friends, my colleagues and some of my clients know, I’m having a baby girl sometime this week (yeah, that close). This means my artistic mentality has to conform to the powder pink aesthetic tastes of a girl. I’ve already started thinking feminine when I designed our Baby Shower invitation (click to enlarge):

Our Baby Shower Invitation

Our Baby Shower Invitation

Considering I don’t normally do girly designs, I thought this was a solid first attempt. What do you think?

Cups and Stickers

Designed by Tom Oddo

Designed by Tom Oddo

My client was kind enough to send me a photo of a few projects that I designed. At the forefront, there is the Ads2Go cup, first of its kind. These cups are going to be circulating throughout bagel & deli shops in New Jersey to promote the start-up company that is looking to create a new dimension of “in-hand” advertising. The red folder in the back bears a sticker that I created. There are a few subtle parts of the design that doesn’t really come out too well from the photo, so here is what the file looks like (click for full-size):

Folder Sticker

Folder Sticker

I’m very happy with the result and I am excited to see my client progressing forward with building the business and getting things off the ground.

InDesign? I’d Rather Screenshoot Myself in the Head

I’m currently working on the company catalog using InDesign CS3 on my iMac at work. I find myself in the late stages of proofing the book and distributing pages to vendors for approval before we move forward to print. Every time I get to this stage, each work day becomes a battle of futility against the Adobe program, which seems like it just got hijacked by Al-Qaeda, because it was crashing like there was no tomorrow. Continue reading