Announcing the Formula Red Pens

I posted last week on the new Monteverde Formula Red pens that I designed the outer sleeve box for. Of course we have to promote it directly with our customers who would be in the market for one of these exclusive pens. This e-mail was sent announce the exclusive retailer edition to our newsletter list. Continue reading

Mediocre Articles Prove What?

A lot of content is out there on the internet. Almost too much.

It gets to be an issue when you are looking for some new, insightful articles and end up finding garbage. I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds and a LinkedIn group for graphic designers. Graphic design articles are some of the most prevalent topics being written about on the internet. Tutorials, hints, tips and resources are very helpful to professionals and a great article is posted, reposted, tweeted and shared in every which way, generating tons of traffic, ad revenue or conversion clicks for the blogger. Some “professional” bloggers decide to share their knowledge on a topic, but all it represents is a thinly veiled attempt at trying to generate traffic to their website or shoe-horn as many SEO keywords as possible.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Whether ’tis nobler to Facebook or to simply subscribe to one’s RSS feed? Yes, it’s 3am on a Sunday morning and I’m writing a post about Twitter. Don’t shake your head. People need to know about the tools that are out there on the web, no matter how enigmatic they may seem.

To properly explain Twitter, I think we Gen-Y’ers need to go back to the turn of the century when AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was being religiously used to message friends on the internet. Two-words : Away Messages. Remember how creative we used to be with making our snappy, snarky, and suggestive Away Messages? You wanted your cyberspace friends to know that you were living your live as a free spirit, unchained from the computer desk. In college, as soon as we got back from class, AIM was launched and tens of minutes were spent rifling through every away message, searching for some nugget of wisdom or suggestion of boredom and procrastination. There is a need for our generation to know as much about others as possible without being as intrusive or expending the effort.

And that’s where Twitter comes in… Continue reading