Dog Sketch Colored in Photoshop

I’ve been reading and playing StarCraft 2 a lot lately. No shame here. I put in a lot of work and I know when it’s time to enjoy myself. I’ve been giving myself a collegiate course-load of books to advance my knowledge on subjects that would make me more effective in my various work-related skills. After consuming Hi-Fi Color for Comics, I drew a quick pencil sketch of Dante when he was a wee pup. Continue reading

New Design of Goldspot Pens Blog

Blogs need a facelift every once in a while. With the Blogger and WordPress platforms evolving at a rapid rate, new features like social bookmarking, magazine style layout and adaptation of new w3c standards can leave older themes and templates behind in the stone-ages. Such was the case with the company’s blog, which I created and developed earlier last year. This is our third template change and the most colorful version yet. Continue reading

Announcing the Formula Red Pens

I posted last week on the new Monteverde Formula Red pens that I designed the outer sleeve box for. Of course we have to promote it directly with our customers who would be in the market for one of these exclusive pens. This e-mail was sent announce the exclusive retailer edition to our newsletter list. Continue reading

Penvitation E-mail Campaign

Very proud to announce my company’s first-ever pen trunk show. Several months back, I brainstormed the idea and have been instrumental in seeing through the execution of this event. Part of the marketing of this event is an e-mail newsletter campaign aimed at our customers located in the nearby northeastern US states. To entice those locals who have purchased pens and pen-related products from us in the past, we sent out an invitation laced with ideas and, most importantly, a coupon. Continue reading

Finally, some Work Space!

Some aspects of the creative process seem inconsequential or not deemed necessary since the truly creative are willing to produce work no matter the circumstances, but there is one underlying theme between all overwhelmingly successful people : they had a place to work and turn their inspiration and perspiration into progress. Continue reading

Other Creative Outlets

We commonly think of the artist as one who devoted to his or her art. The creativity that flows is channeled into this stream of physical manifestation of their choosing. If you’re a writer, you catch the out-pour of your creative juices in a journal or a manuscript. If you’re an painter, your oils and acrylics are the medium of your soul. I think it’s very underestimating to assume this, yet, I can’t help but to feel that artists are always the least understood and most overlooked of all professions. The stereotypes live on and on and on. Continue reading

Exclusive Pen Packaging Design

Just got some pens into the office the other day. Not just any other pens, mind you. These are the first-ever exclusive, special edition finish that we ordered from Monteverde, a manufacturer based in California. We took their best-selling model pen and made a completely new finish that is exclusively sold to us. Means that no other retailer can compete with us for this style. What makes this pen series extra-special was that the outer sleeve of the box was designed by yours truly. Continue reading