E-mail Template Design Winner

Everyone that I know or may know me in a 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon-kind-of-way has already heard of this contest during one of my numerous pleas on Facebook, Twitter and pen-related outlets. Early January, I decided to enter a contest held by Vertical Response, an e-mail marketing company that I use for both personal and business e-mail newsletter management. In one of their company e-mails was advertised a contest for creating an e-mail template that customers will actually be able to use. Apple Store gift card prizes were pretty nice, too. I’m usually not into doing design work on “spec,” and hoping to get paid for my time at the end, but this seemed like a great opportunity for someone who is as familiar with creating e-mail marketing templates as I am. Continue reading

Winner of Parker Ad Contest!

Just thought I’d toot my own horn here and say that we took home the silver in the Parker Premier Ad Contest that was held during the 2009 holiday season. I got an e-mail this morning with the news from the company rep that I’ve been pestering for about a month now (they were supposed to declare the results on Jan 15th). Second place came with a nice $500 prize that I’m splitting with my coworker that I collaborated with.

I was really set on thinking we were going to get first place, that the contest was just a formality, but there was another competitor of ours, Paradise Pen, which trumped us. I did not see the ad they won with, but it didn’t surprise me. They are a much bigger company with several retail locations and a nicely polished website that probably has their own graphics department running it.

I can’t lie and say that I’m not disappointed. I though that since ours had that second level of animation that we would be far above and beyond what our competition was capable of. Guess Paradise had something better. Maybe they used Flash? I would really like to see the ad, just out of curiosity. Everything else aside, I’m happy that we were recognized and that we came away with something for our efforts.

Check out the Parker Premier Advertisement that won second place.