E-mail Template Design Winner

Everyone that I know or may know me in a 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon-kind-of-way has already heard of this contest during one of my numerous pleas on Facebook, Twitter and pen-related outlets. Early January, I decided to enter a contest held by Vertical Response, an e-mail marketing company that I use for both personal and business e-mail newsletter management. In one of their company e-mails was advertised a contest for creating an e-mail template that customers will actually be able to use. Apple Store gift card prizes were pretty nice, too. I’m usually not into doing design work on “spec,” and hoping to get paid for my time at the end, but this seemed like a great opportunity for someone who is as familiar with creating e-mail marketing templates as I am. Continue reading

Announcing the Formula Red Pens

I posted last week on the new Monteverde Formula Red pens that I designed the outer sleeve box for. Of course we have to promote it directly with our customers who would be in the market for one of these exclusive pens. This e-mail was sent announce the exclusive retailer edition to our newsletter list. Continue reading

Penvitation E-mail Campaign

Very proud to announce my company’s first-ever pen trunk show. Several months back, I brainstormed the idea and have been instrumental in seeing through the execution of this event. Part of the marketing of this event is an e-mail newsletter campaign aimed at our customers located in the nearby northeastern US states. To entice those locals who have purchased pens and pen-related products from us in the past, we sent out an invitation laced with ideas and, most importantly, a coupon. Continue reading

Atlantis Resort E-mail Faux Pas

For a moment, let’s forget that Atlantis routinely and erroneously overcharges for “mini bar restocking” and take a look at an e-mail they sent me, offering 20% off their souvenirs, apparel and whatnot. This would bring their normal retail price of “insultingly expensive” down to “still expensive.” I decided to share this e-mail because there is a small design flaw that is fun to point out. Continue reading

E-mail Marketing Newsletters 102 : Casting the Net on the ‘Net

They say sales is a contact sport. If used properly, an e-mail marketing campaign is like running a full blitz with pixels. In part 2 of my series on e-mail newsletters, we will delve into the “when” aspect. Simply blasting an e-mail to your clients, customers and prospects may lower the potency of your beloved contact list and forever burn that bridge of communication with them. Continue reading

E-mail Marketing Newsletters 101 – an Introduction

Hi, my name is Tom, and I run two successful e-mail marketing newsletter campaigns for separate, non-competing retail websites. This is the first installment of an instructional mini-series about how to effectively create and maintain an e-mail marketing campaign. Besides having a functional and friendly website, having an outbound marking program is crucial to keep your clients and prospects interested in your business.

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Holiday E-mail Marketing 2009

The crazy days of the 2009 Holiday season are now behind us. I hardly had enough time to cook dinner after work, let alone BLOG about anything. Now that I have a bit more time, I thought that a recap of the past month is in order.

Stores and shops were trying harder than ever at pushing for your sale this December. The Holiday shopping season was a make or break for most retail marketing campaigns. With such desperation in the air and a tightened budget, most businesses turned to low-cost solutions like e-mail marketing and social networking to carry the load of their direct marketing campaigns.

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Ripe PSD – E-mail Campaign for Facebook Fans

Goldspot Promo E-mail Oct 09 Facebook Promo

Just shot into the virtual mailboxes of thousands of customers, this campaign’s objective is to get our customers who are active in social networking to “become a fan” or “follow us.”

Since early this year, I have been working on developing the social aspect of our company, seeing early on that the way to differentiate our business from our competitors is to be in touch with our clients more often and show our (my) pen knowledge. We got to about 125 fans on Facebook and 180 followers on Twitter before this e-mail blast. Now, we have over 300 Facebook fans and 215 Tweeps following us.

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The three dreaded words used to strike fear into my adolescent heart. Now, I look back with fondness, especially when I think of the college years. Most of my friends that go to school are now on the other side of the desk, shaping young minds of the future and handing out pop quizzes marked with Red Sharpie.

Last week, I cracked away at my iMac, crafting a promotional e-mail aimed at supplying writing goods to both sides of the classroom.

I also wrote a related blog post on the Goldspot Pens Blog that highlighted several recommended picks for back-to-school fine-writing supply shopping. We’re gearing up for the holiday season and crossing our fingers that it will be better than last year. The new catalog should be sent to print by the end of the month and I will certainly post some samples up on this site for everyone to check out once its done.