What is tomoddo.com?

Someone asked me about my facebook update the other day regarding the new tomoddo.com theme. He questioned what the website was about and why did I have it. It’s always the question that makes you scratch your head a bit. In this world 2.0, how can anyone not have a website? While we’re at it, why not have a facebook page and a twitter presence to complete your internet personality?

Everything has an endgame.

I’m not here just to rattle off self-promotional content and inflate my ego. This is my home base. Whenever I meet people in all walks of life who are interested in seeing my work or possibly having something designed, this is their one-stop shop to take a look at my previous work, my current projects and to really get a sense of my open personality.

I love to share and be open with my work. In that same spirit, I will organize some insightful links and post a tutorial or two on subjects or tasks that I run up against in my day-to-day business that could be helpful to other designers or people who are looking to launch print or web marketing campaigns. I’m not looking to get traffic to boost my AdSense revenue. I’m no pushy salesman either. If you want to work with me, I want to work with you!

- Tom Oddo