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We commonly think of the artist as one who devoted to his or her art. The creativity that flows is channeled into this stream of physical manifestation of their choosing. If you’re a writer, you catch the out-pour of your creative juices in a journal or a manuscript. If you’re an painter, your oils and acrylics are the medium of your soul. I think it’s very underestimating to assume this, yet, I can’t help but to feel that artists are always the least understood and most overlooked of all professions. The stereotypes live on and on and on. Continue reading

Feeling Inspired

Like I said in my last post, this blog is going to be a place where you get to know me and how I do what I do. If you already know me fairly well, you’d know that I actually worn out the original Star Wars VHS tape from watching it hundreds of times as a kid. One of my favorite toys as a kid was the Imperial AT-AT walker, which I saw in Toys ‘R Us the other day when getting my daughter’s new toy kitchen. I like science fiction and it inspires me creatively. I would not be able to count how many sketchbooks I have compiled throughout my youth of starships, weapons, aliens and other fantastical things that are Lucas inspired.

No surprise that I would be a big fan of the original StarCraft real time strategy computer game and it is no bigger surprise that I recently purchased the sequel that debuted a few weeks ago. Playing as the Terrans (which are the human race to the laypeople), I rip into the campaign, following the intriguing storyline that unfolds after every successful mission. The detailed artwork of each unit, the cinematic cutscenes and the wild “science” used in the plot really gets me motivated to do my own science fiction story, graphic novel, etc.

And yes, I do have a project that is started already. Years ago, I wrote part of a book (hundred or so pages) and drew some concept art for a novel that I was going to write that would be considered in the science fiction genre. I put it down after a year or so of eeking out a few pages every-once-in-a-while. Yet, I was never fully able to get the ideas and story out of my head. It’s as if I’m always toiling with this plot, rolling it around in my mind to play all the scenes and have it come to a epic conclusion. Now, I’ve considered moving the entire idea out of a straight prose novel into a graphic novel, utilizing my illustrating ability and make it a more visual experience. After all, isn’t that what George Lucas taught us, that a mediocre story can be better if we throw more visuals at the audience? Kidding. Not about Lucas though.

Well, I’d have at least a dozen excuses why I wouldn’t continue the project and at least a dozen more for why I haven’t finished it yet, but one thing seems to be constant : that my poor, single track mind won’t rest until it is done.

Open question for anyone who may stumble upon reading this post would be : What really gets your creative juices going for a self-project? Not only limited to visual arts, but to music, dance, hell, even wood whittling. Does seeing a bare tree stripped of its bark really get your knife going? What will it be, folks? I’m sure that I’m not the only laser-brain out there.

What is tomoddo.com?

Someone asked me about my facebook update the other day regarding the new tomoddo.com theme. He questioned what the website was about and why did I have it. It’s always the question that makes you scratch your head a bit. In this world 2.0, how can anyone not have a website? While we’re at it, why not have a facebook page and a twitter presence to complete your internet personality?

Everything has an endgame.

I’m not here just to rattle off self-promotional content and inflate my ego. This is my home base. Whenever I meet people in all walks of life who are interested in seeing my work or possibly having something designed, this is their one-stop shop to take a look at my previous work, my current projects and to really get a sense of my open personality.

I love to share and be open with my work. In that same spirit, I will organize some insightful links and post a tutorial or two on subjects or tasks that I run up against in my day-to-day business that could be helpful to other designers or people who are looking to launch print or web marketing campaigns. I’m not looking to get traffic to boost my AdSense revenue. I’m no pushy salesman either. If you want to work with me, I want to work with you!

- Tom Oddo

Inspiration and Creativity

Lately, I’ve been finding myself thinking about the blank page, or, in computer terms, the blinking cursor on a new document. Last weekend, I picked up a book at Barnes n Noble’s on finding your visual voice. I did the casual, poor man’s skim and put it back on the shelf, because I have some far-fetched notion that a thing like being visually creative can’t be boiled down and taught. And anyone who is a disciple of this book and uses it in creating their own artwork is a hack because they cheated. Everyone has to struggle mightily against that mental block and taking a shortcut is a violation of the inherent morality in art.

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