From Goo-Goo to GaGa

Lady Gaga Pencil RenderingLady Gaga” 8 7/8″ x 5 2/3″ drawing using a variety of 4H, HB, 3B and 7B pencils on sketch paper. Although I’m mostly into rock bands like Coheed and Cambria, Muse, Alkaline Trio, Metallica, Bad Religion, etc., Pop sometimes hits a soft spot in my heart. Yes, I will jam to Gaga in the car. Although many will say that her fashion choices are over-the-top, glam or a desperate cry for attention, I find them interesting and entertaining, which I can’t say for most pop acts out there. I will be putting this up for sale on the net somewhere, possibly Etsy. I don’t know if I should get a matte for it, especially since the size I made it wasn’t a typical matte opening size. As always, comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

Baby Pencil Illustration

Baby Pencil RenderingJust finished up this pencil drawing of my baby girl. I’ve been meaning to do a drawing of my daughter since I also did a drawing of Dante’s first bath as a puppy a few years ago. I happened to have a frame empty that used to have a sketch I did back in college. Believe it or not, I really don’t do pencil drawings that much. Spending a lot of time working with Adobe CS4 programs makes me want to go back to the old-school techniques of pencil & paper. Each time I go back, I find myself bringing a new approach and a new way of contemplating the piece.

Overall, I’m happy with the results and this will be a nice piece to hang in the new apartment.