Passion Players Community Theatre Website

Yay, a new update! I’ve been pretty busy lately and one of the projects that I’ve been working on has been this website for the not-for-profit theatre company Performance with Passion Players. They hold main stage productions and children’s theatre in Long Branch, NJ. The project had two components : design a new logo for the Passion Players and then re-design the website to make it current and more search engine friendly. Continue reading

New Year’s Design Resolutions

Looking at the year ahead, officially the first year of the new decade, I am taking an earnest inventory of my professional goals and the steps that lead to the completion of those goals. Making more money is on everyone’s list, but what method is going to be most effective? Most creatively satisfying?

When I went to college, the clear division between the fine arts majors (me) and the graphic design folks was the final product of our portfolios. The graphic design portfolio was a resume, proof that you had the skills necessary to obtain a job or earn someone’s trust to invest in a future project. The fine art portfolio turned out as a “product” that could be purchased or presented at a show.

The professional world for creatives is very similar. You can either provide a product or a service. Being a graphic designer for hire, a role that I have explored to some degree of success over the last year, is a service that I have provided based upon the client’s specifications. What I am considering is more along the lines of my entrepreneurial fine arts instruction, which is to create products within a body of work that can be sold on their own. I create the project and the final piece, available for mass consumption through the many online sale channels like Zazzle, Cafepress and Etsy.

  • Designing T-shirts has always been an interest of mine, and I have made a few printed designs in my time already.
  • Of course I would love to continue working with my current clients and seeking some interesting design opportunities.
  • Comic books are cool, but take a heck of a long time to write and illustrate.
  • Writing a novel has always been a dream, but also takes way too much time to complete.
  • Painting is out of the question – too small of a space, too many hazardous chemicals used around the baby.
  • Continue writing on this blog is a must, even if no one is reading.
  • Illustration or pencil / charcoal drawings are certainly possible. I am capable of a photo-realistic drawing style, which can translate into commissions.
  • Anything and everything else?

Of course, that’s the doing side of things. I am always a student of my trade and would love to learn more. Some items that I would love to research in the next year:

  • Establishing a business entity for being a freelance artist.
  • Legal issues surrounding copyright and contracts.
  • Gather some inspirational design / art books.
  • T-shirt printing – design and execution

So, as I’m putting together my list of resolutions, or goals that I aim to accomplish this year and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Happy New Year’s and God Bless!

Halloween’s Come Early

As part of an e-mail marketing campaign that I manage for an online gift retailer, this month’s promotional message touted the Halloween pre-order items. I believe Halloween is second only to Christmas when it comes to the “Caroler” selling season. Hence why we are pushing the witches, ghosts and pumpkins earlier than usual.

Perfect Gift Co Promotional E-mail

Perfect Gift Co Promotional E-mail

This was my first promotional e-mail crafted using CS4 on my Mac. I haven’t noticed much of a difference from CS3, other than the annoying “tabbing” that goes on in Photoshop. When opening multiple files in Ps, it sticks the new files in an array of tabs in the same window, as opposed to multiple panels. I feel more comfortable with using separate panes for every file I have open.

Other than that, the interface and the performance of CS4 are fairly equal. I still have to play around with it a bit more and do more projects to become familiar with all of the newest features. Under Construction

Hey All,

I know I just recently built my website, but, as Winston Churchill was once quoted, “To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.” So, I’m re-doing the whole website under a wordpress template so I can integrate new and exciting features like a blog and a shopping cart system.

You can expect to have helpful design tips and advice, design products like brochures and promo e-mails available for sale, t-shirts to show your support, updates on my current projects and an extensive archive of all my portfolio items.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the website, feel free to share!