How to use the Insert More Tag in WordPress

As a writer / content publisher for the web, you want to avoid drowning your loyal readers or new visitors with a full, lengthy article at the front of your website – the homepage. Tease your visitors with a small snippet, or a full paragraph of text that you can show and have them choose to read more or scan more of your posts. This tutorial walks you through, step by step, on how to use the “insert more tag” in your posts. Continue reading

Essential WordPress Tutorial – Pages & Links

New to wordpress? This tutorial will go through the basics of content creation by reviewing how to create stand-alone site pages and links. Before we go into the how, let’s talk about why you need pages and links to complement your regular content posts.

WordPress Pages are self-explanatory – they are static and are considered separately from your posts. They are more informational in nature, meaning you should write your terms of service, contact us, about us, store hours, directions, etc as a “page.” This way, they are separately organized for your visitors to find all in one convenient location. If your viewer or potential customer wants to know more about your business, service or blog, they can use these pages to satisfy their inquiring mind.

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E-mail Marketing Newsletters 102 : Casting the Net on the ‘Net

They say sales is a contact sport. If used properly, an e-mail marketing campaign is like running a full blitz with pixels. In part 2 of my series on e-mail newsletters, we will delve into the “when” aspect. Simply blasting an e-mail to your clients, customers and prospects may lower the potency of your beloved contact list and forever burn that bridge of communication with them. Continue reading

E-mail Marketing Newsletters 101 – an Introduction

Hi, my name is Tom, and I run two successful e-mail marketing newsletter campaigns for separate, non-competing retail websites. This is the first installment of an instructional mini-series about how to effectively create and maintain an e-mail marketing campaign. Besides having a functional and friendly website, having an outbound marking program is crucial to keep your clients and prospects interested in your business.

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